Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express

Hercule Poirot expects a restful train ride home on the Orient Express. This expectation is broken when one of the other passengers is murdered. Poirot takes the case only to find that nothing adds up: the clues are contradictory and everyone has an alibi! Poirot is determined: this will not be a case he cannot solve…

I’ve been meaning to read an Agatha Christie mystery for a while due to my fondness for the David Suchet PBS series. I picked Murder on the Orient Express because the idea of solving a murder on a train sounded intriguing. The plot kept me guessing because for a while it seemed impossible for the crime to have happened at all. Then Poirot started interpreting the clues and it made sense. The story moved -at the risk of sounding too metaphorical- like a quickly moving train. Murder on the Orient Express is also worth reading for the characters. First, there is the endearingly dignified and fastidious Poirot. Those traits could seem annoying in another person, but in Poirot they result in a likable character. Poirot has a way of looking at the human aspect of each person without letting that element make him biased. The suspects are an intriguingly diverse group. There is everyone from a princess to an Italian salesman to an American detective. For a reader looking for a fast paced mystery with interesting characters Murder on the Orient Express is a good choice.

Want more Murder on the Orient Express?

The book has been remade into movies. There is a 1974  movie with Andrew Finney as Poirot. There is also a 2001 remake which is described as having “a modern twist”. (Clicking on the years brings you to the Internet Movie Database pages for each.)

There is a  2010 episode of the PBS series Poirot with David Suchet as Poirot.

There is an audiobook published in 2001 by Audio Partners Publishing Corporation as part of their Audio Editions Mystery Masters series. David Suchet reads the book.

Want to learn what inspired Murder on the Orient Express and/or learn more about all things Christie in general? Mike Holgate’s Agatha Christie’s True Crime Inspirations could be of interest.



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