Shane by Jack Schaefer


Young Bob Starrett’s life is changed forever when he meets the mysterious Shane. When Bob’s homesteader father and others are threatened by a rancher it is Shane who risks the most. Bob will learn lessons about loyalty and when to stand one’s ground that will stay with him forever…

Shane captures the feel of a time when law is in flux: when land belongs to whoever can keep it. Cow baron Fletcher’s greed runs up against the determination of homesteaders who want lives for themselves. The reader is sympathetic to the homesteaders: young Bob, his wise and compassionate father and Bob’s genteel mother. The mysterious Shane captures the reader’s attention with his fierce but hidden energy, regret and loyalty to Bob’s family. Shane’s actions leave young Bob and the reader with thoughts about when to fight, when to stand down and when to leave. Shane is a good read for those wanting a multi-layered hero and a look at the West.

Want more like Shane?

There was a movie made in 1953.

Ralph Compton’s The Omaha Trail also someone trying to make their life in the West, but coming up a powerful foe who uses rough tactics. Here, it is a rancher who wants to own his ranch but a banker prefers otherwise…

Louis L’Amour’s Flint also features a man with a past who, like Shane, becomes involved a local conflict. In this case, a dying gunslinger and financier who wants to do some good before he dies…


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