Canapes for the Kitties by Marian Babson

Canapes for the Kitties

Lucinda Lucas and her two cats have joined the mystery writer community in the village of Brimful Coffers. Unfortunately, their peace is disrupted when writers feud and accidents upgrade to murder. With suspects among her colleagues, and hints her fictional characters might be to blame, it will take all the efforts of Lucinda, her cats and her friends to make it to the last page…

Any mystery needs a good plot to be worth reading and this one meets that criteria. The questioning if her characters could be real, the reasoning behind the events and escalating tension of what will happen next kept my interest. Where this book also shines is in the characters. Lucinda’s dissatisfaction with her characters, exasperated but kind responses to social situations and bond with her allies -human and feline- make her worth going through a mystery with. Her human allies also keep attention: they are different from each other but mesh well together. I also liked how she presented the cats. The descriptions of them wanting food, bringing presents and being affectionate was cute. For dog lovers, one of Lucinda’s sometime allies has a pair of dogs which is also endearing. This book is a good pick for those who love writers and/or cats and want a fast paced mystery which also has an element of coziness.

Want other books with similar elements to Canapes for the Kitties?

Lillian Jackson Braun’s Cat Who series could be a good choice for those wanting to spend time with cats who take part in mysteries. Some of Koko’s actions make him seem to be almost a co-detective helping his caretaker Qwilleran to solve the various mysteries which pop up in the community of Moose County….

Intrigued by the idea of fictional characters being able to interact with the real world (and vice versa)? Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series features a woman from the real world who interacts with characters from Miss Havisham from Dickens to an evil emperor from science fiction (think Emperor Zurg from Toy Story to a certain extent). Here is my entry on another blog about the first book in the series.


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