The Hunt for Atlantis by Andy McDermott


When Nina Wilde discovers a probable location for Atlantis she is targeted for death by a murderous brotherhood. To save Atlantis, and herself, she will have to face down killers, pass ancient tests and go on a dangerous quest across the globe. If she finds Atlantis the secrets it contains might change the world forever…

The Hunt for Atlantis features a fast moving and action packed plot. If you want to travel across the globe and face various dangers including an explosive train chase and a perilous fight on an airplane this is a good choice. The action is supplemented by touching on the atmospheres of various locales: cultured Paris, a humid Brazilian rainforest, beautiful but isolated Tibet and others. The reader’s attention is further kept by the duo of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. Academic Wilde doesn’t let inexperience keep her from adventure and bodyguard Chase interjects wisecracking humor. The Hunt for Atlantis is a good read for its fast moving plot, globe-trotting atmosphere and fun characters.

In a mood for The Hunt for Atlantis?

Atlantis by David Gibbins also features heroes battling a ruthless villain who has his own reasons for wanting the secrets of Atlantis…

The Atlantis Prophecy is another fast paced story involving the hunt for Atlantis and consequences for the present…

Want to learn more about Atlantis? Check out books like Imagining Atlantis by Richard Ellis.


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