Mark of the Lion by Suzanne Arruda

Mark of the Lion

When Jade del Cameron is unable to save a dying friend she becomes determined to fulfill his dying request. She goes to Africa to find her friend’s missing brother and the truth behind a man’s death. The quest goes from hard to dangerous when she runs afoul of an evil and powerful enemy. It will take all the determination and intelligence that got her through the war to survive let alone fulfill her quest…

Jade draws the reader by being fiery, just and choosing to be fearless. The cast of supporting characters also makes this book an entertaining read: the attention grabbing Henry, the naïve but helpful Thompsons and others. The atmosphere of the story is another reason to choose this mystery. The British and native African characters give a look how life might have been in Africa after World War I. Africa itself is very well described: vibrant, beautiful, stark and dangerous. The plot engages the mind by having clues in plain sight which challenges the reader to correctly solve the mystery. Mark of the Lion is a good read for its determined heroine, look at World War I and Africa and the challenge of a puzzle potentially involving the supernatural.

Interested in books sharing elements of Mark of the Lion?

Gary Gabelhouse’s Dreams of the N’dorobo is another mystery with a supernatural component taking place in East Africa.

Tony Hillerman’s Skinwalkers also features a strong sense of place, in this case the U.S. Southwest, and a villain calling on the supernatural to cause murder.

Mark of the Lion takes place in East Africa. Books like Robert M. Maxon’s East Africa: An Introductory History provide more information on the history before, during and after Jade’s adventures there.

Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs features another heroine who served in the World War I solving mysteries after that conflict.



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