Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews

ImageMeg Langslow thinks her life is crazy enough when she becomes responsible for planning three weddings in one summer. Between peacocks, a ‘tell-me-when-I-can-breathe’ list and sudden changes her only goal is to hold the weddings and keep her sanity. When a disliked guest becomes dead and Meg the target of ‘accidents’ she’s going to have add ‘survive’ to her to-do list…

This book is a must-read for those wanting a humorous mystery. The humor comes from the actions of the eccentric, but likeable, characters. Meg’s father, for instance, leaps into investigating the first murder with gusto. He throws sandbags off a bluff, puts out balloons to see where they float and observes suspects from not too far. Other character highlights include the warlike croquet aunts, the local gossip grapevine and poor Michael who keeps getting interrupted. Meg herself wins the reader’s commiserating amusement by sensibly warding off challenges such as amorous suitors (none of them being the one she wants), horrible ideas from the brides and how to transport a wedding cake unseen. As Meg tries to keep her sanity, and the weddings on track, the reader is drawn into the mystery by herself and her father. Their efforts at detection, some more fruitful than others, get the reader wondering who is behind it all.  Murder with Peacocks is a good choice for its humorous and likeable small town characters and entertaining plot.

Want read-a-likes for Murder with Peacocks?

Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak also dishes out humor. In this case, a greeting card artist becomes drawn into dating forty men in sixty days as research for a book. Easier said than done, as she runs into disreputable men, various hijinks and murder…

Fatal Fixer-Upper by Jennie Bentley also features a heroine who might complete a challenge and find Mr. Right if she can survive. Avery Baker  decided to renovate the cottage she inherited from her aunt. She didn’t expect to encounter a handsome handyman, a missing professor or to have to match wits with a killer…

The Quick and the Thread by Amanda Lee is another cozy mystery with a hint of romance taking place in a small town. In this case, the owner of a embroidery shop has to prove her innocence, and survive, after a man is found murdered in her new shop…



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