The Silent Places by James Patrick Hunt

The Silent Places

Lt. George Hastings takes the heat for one of his men and gets assigned to protecting would-be presidential candidate Senator Preston. It’s not a walk in the park: convicted ex-CIA agent Reese wants Preston dead. Caught between Reese’s vendetta and Preston’s secrets, Hastings has to stand for justice…

Hastings is a good thriller hero: he speaks his mind, is loyal and doesn’t hold back from a fight. Reese is a conflicted character who has a sense of decency but is faced with the “sordid, empty promise of vengeance” (pg. 299). The Silent Places offers riveting plot elements: a look into police politics, debate of the concept of justice and a politician with a dirty past. Hunt’s writing style is sparse without being too concise. (Hunt’s writing style, the moral conflicts and Reese’s contact with a good woman could make this book a good choice for western fans.) The Silent Spaces is a good read for its fast pace, multi-faceted plot and interesting characters.

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