Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn

Mystic and Rider (Twelve Houses, #1)

Murmurs of unrest and death for those with magic are spreading. A mystic with an unspoken past leads a group seeking the truth. It is a divided group she leads: a mystic noblewoman, her mystic and loyal guard, two King’s Riders who distrust magic and a bar boy with powers remaining to be seen. The group will find it is bonds with each other which will mean the difference between finding the truth and death…

This book is a great series opener. It introduces a group of interesting characters:  determined but scarred Senneth, competent and brave Tayse, skilled but vulnerable Justin, vibrant Kirra, subtly loyal Donnal and wise and curious Cammon. Mystic and Rider develops a strong group dynamic while focusing on the relationship between Senneth and Tayse. Lovers of romance can enjoy seeing their relationship unfold and wondering if they will get a happy ending. The Twelve Houses world is a fascinating one: shifting House loyalties, a mysteriously powerful villainess and her dastardly brother, and a variety of locales. At the end of the book the reader wonders what will happen with the characters and the Twelve Houses world. Mystic and Rider is a great choice for someone wanting the beginning of a journey with interesting characters, romance and a complex world.

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