State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy

State of the Onion (A White House Chef Mystery, #1)

White House Assistant Chef Ollie Paras has an unusual day when she stops an intruder to the White House with a frying pan. She’s glad to be of service but not so glad when it makes her the target of an assassin in disguise and the disgruntled Secret Service. Dealing with all that, competition for the Head Chef spot, an unpleasant co-worker and diplomatic entanglements might be too much for even this chef to handle…

Ollie is a likable heroine: curious without being heedlessly reckless, determined without being overbearing and observant. The ways Ollie, wise Henry, pretentious Sargeant, diva Laurel Anne and others combine make State of the Onion an entertaining read. The plot is fun: close calls with an assassin, navigating professional perils and even a dash of romance. The White House world is depicted in a way that makes it set apart but also believable: the reader can imagine being a part of it. Food fans can enjoy the kitchen culture, strategizing about menus and recipes. State of the Onion is a fun read for those wanting entertaining characters, a White House and/or food focused tale and a cozy, fast-paced read.

Want more reads like State of the Onion?

Jacklyn Brady’s A Sheetcake Named Desire also features recipes and a chef who also has to contend with murder while trying to excel. New Orleans pastry chef Rita Lucero has to figure out who murdered her ex-husband or her own career might be cut short…

Elliott Roosevelt’s Murder in the Lincoln Bedroom is another cozy White House mystery in which finding a murderer could prevent an assassination and political fallout. Eleanor Roosevelt has to figure out who murdered one of her husband’s top advisors or her husband could die…

Flowerbed of State by Dorothy St. James is another cozy mystery involving a White House employee. White House gardener Casey Calhoun did not expect getting knocked out, finding a dead body and investigating murder to be a part of her new job…


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