Scandal in Venice by Amanda McCabe

Scandal in Venice

Lady Elizabeth Everdean flees to Venice after her life goes horribly wrong. Unknown to her, Sir Nicolas Hollingsworth has come to retrieve her to repay a debt of honor. He didn’t know she could understand how the pain can cause pain. She didn’t expect to meet a man who could bring joy into her life again. Unfortunately, the truth of his mission might destroy the love growing between them…

Elizabeth and Nicolas have a chemistry that not only comes from attractiveness but from being antidotes to each other’s pain. Nicolas shows Elizabeth that a relationship with a man, despite the examples she has seen, can be joyful. Elizabeth shows Nicolas that he deserves to be loved and can have a meaningful relationship despite the pain he holds. The other characters also make this book worth reading: witty and bold Georgina, pained Peter and loyal Stephen. Venice is a beautiful place full of parties, beautiful clothing and an almost mystical ability for people to be drawn together. The Regency atmosphere of cards, partying and the occasional slang is extravagant and fun. The plot also appeals to the reader: wondering if the heroine and hero will have a happy ending and whether Peter is truly seeking redemption. Scandal in Venice is appealing for its characters with pasts who threaten the present, Venice and Regency atmosphere in general and being an escapist read.

Want other reads like Scandal in Venice?

Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas is another Regency Romance in which past secrets threaten future happiness. In this case companion Catherine Mark’s past threatens to prevent marriage to the man of her dreams…

Julia Quinn’s Romancing Mr. Bridgerton features a Regency heroine who thinks she has found the man of her dreams, but learning about his past may prevent future happiness…



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