Getting Old is a Disaster by Rita Larkin

Getting Old Is a Disaster (Gladdy Gold, #5)

Gladdy Gold, retiree PI, has a lot going on. First, her romance with her handsome boyfriend is heating up. Then there’s the witty “Grandpa Bandit” who thinks only herself and her fellow retiree PIs can catch him. Finally, there just happens to be the fifty year old skeleton that suggests a killer could be closer than they think…

Gladdy is a likable character: she takes life as it comes, is compassionate and won’t give up. Determined but patient Jack, Enya with her troubled past and the other residents of the Lanai Gardens retirement home in Florida are worth getting to know. Getting Old Is a Disaster is an atmospheric tale where the mystery is interwoven with challenges older people can face. Gladdy and her friends encounter one resident who lost her family in the concentration camps, a husband coping with his wife having Alzheimer’s and the issue of older people who cannot afford the health care they need. The seriousness is balanced by humor: Gladdy and her boyfriend struggle for privacy and the “Grandpa Bandit” has a roguish wit. The mysteries of locating the “Grandpa Bandit” and the killer move pretty quickly. Getting Old Is a Disaster is a good read for its humorous and serious focus on life as we age, interesting group of characters and funny but also serious plot.

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