The Book of True Desires by Betina Krahn

The Book of True Desires

Explorer Cordelia O’Keefe’s grandfather will fund an expedition if she finds a Mayan treasure and brings his butler along. Hartford Goodnight is inexperienced, disrespectful and filled with dreams which strikes a chord with Cordelia. They are drawn together as they brave Cuba on the verge of the Spanish-American War and navigate the dangers of the Mexican rainforest. Unfortunately, their happiness is threatened by their stubbornness and a villain who will stop at nothing to make sure they fail…

The Book of True Desires first draws the reader in with the main leads. Cordelia is spirited and determined to succeed in a man’s world. Goodnight is stubborn and determined to meet his dreams despite failing before. The elegant but cruel villain, Cordelia’s loyal aunt and a perhaps untrustworthy professor are other characters which make the book worth reading. The atmosphere is another reason to read the tale: the tenseness of Cuba on the verge of war as well as the exotic beauty and danger of the Mexican rainforest are well portrayed. The hint of the supernatural and the villain’s ability to threaten the happiness of the protagonists make the plot appealing. The Book of True Desires is a good match for a reader looking for determined characters, a step into exotic locales, a quest for treasure and/or a fun love story.

Want other reads that, like The Book of True Desires,  are fun historical romances featuring pairs drawn together by the hunt for lost treasure?

Valerie King’s An Adventurous Lady also features a woman encountering a man who is more than he seems. The Earl of Rotherstone has a reputation as rudely unsocial but he’s the key to helping heiress Evelina Wesley locate a smuggler’s buried treasure…

Leslie LaFoy’s The Perfect Desire draws together rake Barrett Stanbridge and daring widow Isabella Dandaneau to find a pirate’s treasure. With Stanbridge accused of murder, a villain after the treasure and a growing bond this treasure hunt will not be boring…

Amanda Quick’s With This Ring features desperate gothic novelist Beatrice Poole joining with antiques expert Leo “The Mad Monk of Monkcrest” Drake to find a set of mystical rings. The result will be true love or death…

Find yourself curious about the Spanish-American War or the Mayans? Items such as the PBS documentary Crucible of Empire: The Spanish American War and Heather McKillop’s The Ancient Maya: New Perspectives can provide information.


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