One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland

One Magic Moment (De Piaget, #13)

Tess Alexander swore off anything to do with time travel after it led to her sister finding love eight hundred years in the past. John de Piaget swore off time travel after finding modern times much more to his taste than the Middle Ages. When they accidentally meet they forge an undeniable connection. It could be love if they can survive in the present and the past long enough to decide…

Tess is likable because she’s bold but also sensible, smart without being too academic and able to take advice while also holding her ground. John is a fun character because he’s protective without being unpleasantly dominating, grouchy and has an interesting mix of skills (swordsman who can play instruments). The plot does a good job of showing a growing connection which is threatened by a ruthless enemy and the challenges of time travel. The ruthless enemy menaces Tess and John in a blunt but unsettling way. As for time travel, it is hard to choose love when a beloved comes from one time and family from another. Kurland takes a light touch to differences in behavior patterns, modes of travel and clothing between time periods which makes her tale humorous and pleasant to read. (John’s arguments with someone about having privacy during courting, for instance, are amusing.) One Magic Moment is a good pick for a reader looking for likeable characters, a serious and humorous tale and/or romance influenced by the leads being from different time periods.

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