Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon

Trading in Danger (Vatta's War, #1)

Kylara Vatta is a trader’s daughter turned military cadet- until a misjudged act gets her kicked out. Determined to prove she isn’t a disgrace, and to profit, she strikes out on her own. When she gets stuck in the middle of an interplanetary war things go from difficult to seemingly impossible. She’s going to have to face down mercenaries, mutiny and other dangers just to survive let alone profit…

Kylara’s character is balanced in a way that gets the reader’s interest. She can think quickly, is dedicated to protecting those she is responsible for and holds her emotions well in a crisis. She also doesn’t make all the right decisions, questions her motives for her actions and has a temper. The plot keeps the reader’s attention by being one challenge right after another. The challenges are not easy: Kylara has to think quickly and balance difficult factors in making decisions. For instance, she has to consider the pros and cons of illegally undocking from a space station. Staying is legal and saves ship resources, but a station is a large target during a war. Moon creates a world blending trade and military aspects. Kylara has to communicate with politicians and quickly navigate contracts in pursuit of trade on a couple of worlds. Her military training helps her to be calm in various crises, implement various plans (such as making innovative use of a broken beacon) and interact with mercenaries with a military mindset. Trading in Danger is a good match for a reader looking for a determined and engaging heroine, military adventure filled with challenges and/or a tale where military training meets other professions such as trade.

Want read-a-likes for Trading in Danger?

David Drake’s When the Tide Rises features a military duo who temporarily trades the battlefield of space for helping a planet win a revolution. With treacherous politicians, mutiny and other challenges it’s no easy mission…

Mike Shepherd’s Kris Longknife: Mutineer also features a heroine from a powerful family determined to find her own place in the galaxy. Kris Longknife’s determination to succeed in the military, rather than politics like other members of her family, gets her into a lot of trouble…

David Weber’s On Basilisk Station also features a heroine who has suffered a reversal of fortune. Honor Harrington has to deal with a resentful crew and an imperial juggernaut if she wants to stay alive let alone make her mark on the galaxy…


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