Lethal Legacy by Irene Hannon

Lethal Legacy (Guardians of Justice #3)

Cole Taylor is a detective whose dedication to justice enables him to serve grueling hours and capture criminals. Kelly Warren is an artist determined to prove her father’s death was not suicide. When the two meet they see the potential for a lifelong connection. Unfortunately, a criminal desperate to end Kelly’s quest might keep them from fulfilling it…

Cole and Kelly are both determined, intelligent and -due to the lives they lead-  lonely. The recognition of their similar traits causes the reader to root for Kelly to live so the duo can explore their connection. This wish is threatened by a suspenseful plot: Kelly and Cole do not know the criminal is told what they know. This knowledge causes the criminal to become desperate and the reader to wonder if Kelly will survive. The inspirational portion of the romance consists of prayers at times and Cole doing some pondering of his relationship with God. Hannon also draws the reader into the story with her knowledge of the routine and procedures of police life. For instance, Cole and his partner have to plan how they will try to learn information from a former mafia boss. Lethal Legacy is a good match for a reader looking for inspirational romance, romantic suspense and/or a police story.

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In Lynette Eason’s When the Smoke Clears firefighter Alexia Allen is shocked and suspicious when an equipment failure nearly costs her her life. With the aid of police detective Hunter she finds the truth might be linked to a secret from her past…


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