One Shot by Lee Child

One Shot (Jack Reacher, #9)

Jack Reacher made a sniper a promise: kill again and Reacher will kill him. When the sniper is arrested for a shooting it seems time to keep the promise. Only when Reacher looks into the case things become murky. With a local kingpin enters the scene Reacher will have to fight hard to save the lives of the innocent as well as his own.

One appeal of One Shot is the characters. Reacher is an interesting combination of thinker and man of action. He knows how to make a good plan and when a sudden hit is better than a hard one.  The supporting characters are worth getting to know: the brigadier general resigned to hiding skeletons, the ambitious but human journalist and the new lawyer looking for a good case. One Shot also gives an interesting look at military mindset and training. The plot is full of twists and turns such as a hidden traitor and why the shooting happened. One Shot could be a match for readers looking for interesting characters, tales with a military component and/or a thriller.

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