Slow Dollar by Margaret Maron

Slow Dollar (Deborah Knott Mysteries #9)

Judge Deborah Knott didn’t expect murder to arrive with a carnival in Colleton County, North Carolina.  She is shocked when the victim’s identity touches on old family secrets and a family member is a potential suspect. With family on both sides of the mystery, court life and a new relationship her docket is a full one…

This book presents several slices of life. The reader gets a look at a close knit North Carolina family, the routine of being a judge and the carnie lifestyle. These slices of life feel real rather than romanticized or tawdry. Judge Knott is worth getting to know because she feels like a normal person. The path of her life has not been smooth and she balances selflessness with pragmatism. Slow Dollar’s plot keeps the reader’s attention with several plausible leads. Slow Dollar provides slices of life, an everyday protagonist and an interesting mystery.

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