Winter Kill by Bill Brooks

Winter Kill

John Henry Cole is mourning his lost ranch when a Texas Ranger comes to him for help. The Ranger wants Cole to help locate a woman Cole loved who is mixed up in murder.  To find her, Cole and his allies will have to face a cold blooded killer, assassins masquerading as law men and the assorted dangers of the frontier.

Winter Kill’s characters are all tough people trying to survive in a tough and bleak land. Cole is a mixture of rough and kind. His two main two allies, the irrepressible adventurer Harve Ledbettor and bull-headed Ranger Ted Green, bring some humor to a serious story. Historical figures such as Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp make appearances.  Brooks presents the West as bleak, but compellingly so, through people who are trying to survive, dangerous weather and challenges Cole faces in his travels.  Winter Kill could be a match for readers who want a rough tale of the West and/or a main character struggling to survive in a rough world.

Want books like Winter Kill?

Gun Man, by Loren D. Estleman, is the tale of how a man falls into the careers of lawman, highwayman and assassin.

Montana Red, by Ralph Cotton, is another tale involving facing down villains in the compelling and bleak West.

North to Bitterroot, by Ralph Compton, is the tale of a betrayed cowboy forced to deal with enemy Indians, weather and other dangers during a cattle drive.


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