Cape Farewell by Peter Tonkin

Cape Farewell

Catastrophe strikes husband and wife team Richard and Robin Mariner when a storm sweeps Robin overboard. Robin’s rescue by a submarine becomes a curse when the sub is trapped underwater and a madman roams its halls. Will the Mariners overcome these challenges or will death triumph under the sea?

Tonkin’s nautical knowledge immerses the reader in sea weather, challenges of rescue at sea and what it is like in a submarine. His use of inventive comparisons also helps readers visualize what is going on. The series of weather and human challenges create a suspenseful tone. The Mariners’ commitment, bravery & intelligence are another appeal. Cape Farewell could be a good choice for those seeking a sea based tale, submarines and/or a capable husband-wife team.

Want other books that, like Cape Farewell, involve challenges at sea?

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A captain must save a cruise ship and face down a rogue submarine captain in Michael DiMercurio’s Threat Vector.

A husband and wife team join forces with an action duo to prevent the secrets of a cargo ship from being used by the wrong hands in Clive Cussler’s Serpent.


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