Leave Tomorrow Behind by Judy Clemens

Leave Tomorrow Behind: A Stella Crown Mystery

Dairy farmer Stella Crown knows unearthing a body in a manure pile & attacks on livestock are not supposed to happen at county fairs. She decides to get to the bottom of things to save her sanity. Unfortunately, the challenges of untangling messes smellier than any manure pile, the heat & dealing with a fussy relative might make her lose her sanity…

Stella is a likable mix of tough & kind who feels like an ordinary person. Other characters make the story fun by being endearing or annoying. Stella’s plain-spoken views on other characters and their actions give a the plot a humorous undertone. Clemens provides an endearing-but not romanticized- behind the scenes look at dairy farming through a 4-H competition & Stella’s routines. Leave Tomorrow Behind is a potential match for readers looking for a likable protagonist, a slice of life in a non-upper-class environment & a plot with a humorous undertone.

Want other books like Leave Tomorrow Behind?

A determined female protagonist is drawn into solving murder in a rural setting in Carol Miller’s Murder and Moonshine.

Another mystery, though with a serious tone, that involves a tough female protagonist solving a mystery in a farming community is Nancy Mean Wright’s Mad Season.

A mystery with a likable, and ordinary, female protagonist set in a rural setting is Slow Dollar by Margaret Maron. Click here to read my blog entry on Slow Dollar.


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