The Deceived by Brett Battles

The Deceived (Jonathan Quinn, #2)

“Cleaner” Jonathan Quinn’s job is cleaning up messy loose ends at crime scenes. He has a major rule: don’t let emotions get in the way of getting the job done. When a “mess” turns out to be the body of a dead friend, however, Quinn and his allies make things personal…

The Deceived’s plot has many sudden, but not unbelievable, twists and turns.  Quinn is methodical and professional which makes him able to think quickly. Battles includes casual details about locales which help give the reader a feel for those places. (For instance, Quinn muses about the different types of haze in the Hollywood Hills.) He also shows the reader a criminal underworld through Quinn’s eyes. The Deceived could be a match for a reader looking for a twisty plot, a professional protagonist and/or a chance to visit other places.

Want other books like The Deceived that involve heroes having to untangle the truth and visit exotic locales?

CIA agent John Wells, like Quinn, finds himself getting personally involved when someone he cares about is harmed in Alex Berenson’s The Silent Man.

Intelligence officer Mitch Rapp must move fast after he is framed in Paris in Vince Flynn’s Kill Shot.

Surgeon Jonathan Ransom loses his wife and might lose his life when it becomes apparent his wife was connected to danger in Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich.


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