The Two Mrs. Abbotts by D.E. Stevenson

The Two Mrs. Abbotts (Miss Buncle)

World War II is on and the English village of Wandlebury sees changes. As local author Barbara Abbott and her friends go about their lives they have the war and many other things to discuss. Between romantic mishaps, a spy perhaps being in the local woods and some objectionable boarders there is plenty going on!

The Two Mrs. Abbotts uses a gentle tone to convey wittily humorous observations about human nature and serious bits of World War II life. The story conveys the feel of World War II through everyday details such as how rationing affects meal making. The characters invite fondness though their good natured behavior and/or hapless happenings. The Two Mrs. Abbotts could be a match for readers looking for a book with a gentle tone, a portrait of World War II life in a small town and/or likable characters.

Want other books like The Two Mrs. Abbotts? These stories are also gentle reads taking place in small towns during WWII.

An English family, and the town they live in, deal with the challenges of WWII and regular life in Miss Read’s The Howards of Caxley.

Two sisters decide to open a beauty saloon and the place becomes the center of gossip in a small town in Rita Mae Brown’s Loose Lips.

When an elementary school teacher disappears two of her former students become determined to find her in Mignon F. Ballard’s Miss Dimple Disappears.


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