Mundy’s Law by Monty McCord

Mundy's Law: The Legend of Joe Mundy

Deputy Joe Mundy becomes Marshal Mundy after the small town of Taylorsville loses its head lawman. He quickly learns that Taylorsville is small but its troubles are large. Things become even hotter when some of Mundy’s troubles ride into town. Can Mundy settle things or will he become just another casualty of the West?

The characters of Mundy’s Law are believable in how they respond to the challenges of rough lives. (The reader might not always agree with their actions but they are believable.) Mundy responds to situations with practicality, willingness to fight and a kindness that is at times courageous. The West is portrayed as a gritty, at times violent, world. Mentions of elements of daily life give the tale a historical flavor. The plot keeps the reader’s attention with uncertainty and suspense whether Mundy is going to survive. Mundy’s Law could be a match for readers seeking a rough Western tale with a peace officer protagonist, interesting characters and/or suspense.

Want other rough and suspenseful tales 0f peace officers facing down challenges of the West ?

Marshal Cuno Massey is all that stands between four hardened outlaws and freedom in Peter Brandvold’s The .45 Caliber Widow Maker.

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack has to try to bring in two outlaws determined to kill each other and him in Ralph Cotton’s Lookout Hill.

Books such as Encyclopedia Of Western Lawmen and Outlaws by Jay Robert Nash provide more information on peace officers who worked in the West.


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