The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

The Weird Sisters

The three Andreas sisters face individual challenges while helping their mother face cancer. The eldest, Rose, must overcome her fear of change or she might lose her fiancee. Middle sister Bianca must face the emptiness of her glamorous lifestyle or it will destroy her. Young wanderer Cordelia must learn not to run away or she will never be happy. Can they find the courage to solve their problems and rejuvenate their frayed sisterly bond?

The sisters are compelling because their flaws and responses to setbacks feel real. Brown provides a strong sense of how being sisters can be strengthening and challenging. Her use of “I” and “our” in relating each sister’s thoughts shows how sisters can be individual and interconnected. Brown also provides the feel of a college town and a loved one having cancer. The story leaves the reader feeling uplifted. The Weird Sisters could be a match for those looking for compelling characters and tales of sisterhood.

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