Dominion by C.J. Sansom


1940: Britain is overwhelmed at the cost of another war and makes peace with Nazi Germany. Twelve years later: Britain’s citizens live carefully, support the Nazis or fight in the Resistance. Civil servant David Fitzgerald lives an ordinary life… except when he passes information to the Resistance. This changes when an old friend learns a powerful secret and turns to David for help. Can David get his friend, his wife and himself to safety? Or will the Nazis learn a secret that could make their dreams of victory a reality?

Sansom makes his alternate world feel real by how he incorporates details from our history. For instance, Pro-Fascist Oswald Mosley -who fell from power in our world- helps create a ruthless police force. The main characters being ordinary people also makes Sansom’s world feel real. The main characters are not powerful political figures or larger than life. David wants to be ordinary, his friend Frank is burdened and their Nazi antagonist is weary. The plot slowly builds up and then is suspenseful on several levels. Dominion could be a match for those looking for an alternate history world that feels real and/or are interested in world history 1918-1952.

Want Dominion read-a-likes?

In 1964 Hitler Germany an overworked police inspector and an American reporter come across a dangerous secret in Fatherland by Robert Harris.

When Prime Minister Chamberlain refuses to let Hitler’s invasion of Sudentenland stand Hitler starts WWII in 1938 in Hitler’s War by Harry Turtledove.

Books such as Never Again: Britain 1945-1951 by Peter Hennessy provide more prospective on this time period.


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