Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy, #1)

Darrow, like all Reds, toils beneath Mars to make its surface livable. He is filled with vengeance when he learns the ruling Golds have lived on Mar’s surface for generations. He is determined to take the Golds down from the inside. He becomes Gold physically and is selected to attend their elite Institute. Darrow must keep his secret, face ruthless competition and win highest honor to make his mission attainable. Can he overcome his enemies without losing himself?

Red Rising’s tale is of a teenaged man facing physical and philosophical challenges. Darrow faces dangerous enemies in his House, his classmates and in higher levels. He faces what he is willing to do to win and who his enemies really are. The tale feels harsh because Darrow’s relationships and morals are hit with harsh choices. Brown’s story has a group based atmosphere. Human society is grouped into colors and the Institute into Roman god named Houses. Red Rising could be a good match for those looking for a human against the world tale, philosophical suspense and/or an interesting class-based world.

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