While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell

While Beauty Slept

Former queen’s lady Elise is haunted by the true tale of “Sleeping Beauty”. She knows why the witch hated and that revenge was not a spinning wheel. She remembers a princess who was more than a sleeping maiden waiting for a kiss. What is the truth, beautiful and tragic, behind the tale?

Elise’s character is a mixture of ambition, loyalty, deep but reluctant bravery and regretful hindsight. Through her eyes we see beauty and darkness in people and things mixed with foreshadowing of tragedy. The retelling adds depth to the tale and its message of love and bravery overcoming evil. It makes the tale of “Sleeping Beauty” feel like it could be based on real people and events. While Beauty Slept could be a match for those looking for interesting characters and/or historical fiction retellings of fairy tales.

Want other books like While Beauty Slept?

“Snow White” is reset 16th century Italy with Lucrezia Borgia as the evil stepmother in Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire.

The story of why a woman took Rapunzel, locked her in the tower and the events which took place after are told in Sold for Endless Rue by Madeleine Robins.

Like Elise, Katherine Ashley is a woman from a poor family that rises to become the confidant of a queen. Her story can be found in The Queen’s Governess by Karen Harper.


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