Her Roman Protector by Milinda Jay

Her Roman Protector

Roman commander Marcus Sergius is ambitious, but also risks his career saving exposed children.  Noblewoman Annia doesn’t know Marcus means to save her newborn daughter and the two collide. Annia’s devotion to her child, cheerfulness and strength call all Marcus wants into question. Marcus’ kindness and strength attract Annia and make her think she could love again. When Annia must leave Britain and a shameful secret of Marcus’ arises what will the two do?

Annia and Marcus both have positive traits: strength, concern for others and a yearning for happiness. Marcus’ wrestling with ambition and Annia’s doubts over her future further help the reader connect to them. Jay pulls the reader into the world of Ancient Rome with how the characters’ thoughts on women’s clothing to newly developing Londonium. The plot is suspenseful but also relaxing because the reader feels sure obstacles will be resolved. The book’s characters are Christian but not preachy. Her Roman Protector could a match for those looking for likable characters, a tale in Ancient Rome, a Christian romance and/or a sweet romance.

Want other books like Her Roman Protector?

A slave woman struggles with growing love for a nobleman and to remain true to her faith in A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers.

A Roman commander rescues an injured woman near Jerusalem unaware of the impact she will have on him in Love’s Pardon by Darlene Mindrup.

A gladiator and a Roman noblewoman face a killer, their pasts and love for each other in The Protector by Carla Capshaw.                –If you find yourself liking a romance also try checking out the publisher’s website for more books published under the same label. For instance, I found The Protector by searching Harlequin’s website for “Rome” and then limiting the results by the “Love Inspired” label which Her Roman Protector is published under.




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