The Innocent by David Baldacci

The Innocent (Will Robie,#1)

Without regret or question Will Robie kills those who mean the U.S. harm.  That is until he is given a mission he knows can’t be right. Forced into hiding, he saves teenaged Julie Getty who is on the run from people who killed her parents. As Robie struggles to keep them alive it becomes clear they have common enemies. Can Robie find out the truth and thwart the plan?

Robie and Julie fit the molds of conflicted spy hero and teenaged hero. Robie is precise at his job but human traits and morals keep him from being a machine. Julie is wise beyond her years and stubborn about facing danger. The plot is a suspenseful cat and mouse game with a villain bent on revenge. Robie’s experiences pull the reader into a world where precision is the key to survival. His future could end in death or an unhappy life but Robie is determined not to give up. The Innocent could be a match for those looking for a conflicted spy hero, teenaged hero and/or an espionage thriller.

Want other books like The Innocent?

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After Dr. Jonathan Ransom’s wife dies he becomes entangled in a high stakes conspiracy involving nuclear weapons in Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich.

Note: The edition of The Innocent I read was the version published in Volune 2 2013 Select Editions published by Reader’s Digest.


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