Cell by Robin Cook

iDoc: a cellphone application that provides a ‘physician’ 24/7 and an increase in preventative care. Dr. George Wilson supports it: he sees every day that medical personnel are spread too thin. When people he knows in iDoc’s beta testing start dying he discovers iDoc has a dark secret…

The plot is suspenseful but not in an escapist way. As Dr. Wilson searches for the truth he, and the reader, confront issues of the condition of health care, rationing and technology. Dr. Wilson’s character feels like an ordinary person because he is not larger than life. Dr. Wilson being relatable makes the plot, and the issues it raises, feel scarily real. The story also gives a look at working in a hospital especially in a radiology department. Cell could be for those looking for medical thrillers, thrillers that provoke thought and/or relatable characters.

Want other medical thrillers that, like Cell, have some food for thought?

When Dr. Earl Garnet’s techniques get him framed for murder he must uncover a conspiracy to clear his name in Lethal Practice by Peter Clement.

Dr. Jessie Copeland must also face the intersection of medicine and technology in when she doesn’t feel a brain repairing robot is ready for use in The Patient by Michael Palmer.

Robin Cook was influenced by The Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topol which looks into medicine being changed by technology.


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