Rescuing the Heiress by Valerie Hansen

Rescuing The Heiress (Love Inspired Historical)

Socialite Tess Clark and firefighter Michael Mahoney know a relationship could only bring heartbreak. Their different classes push them apart but their bond is too deep to deny. When the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 hits they risk their lives helping others. Can Michael and Tess survive the earthquake and have a life together?

Michael and Tess are endearingly headstrong. It is a trait both must learn to use wisely. San Francisco is shown through observations of weather, street names and technology. Foreshadowing of the earthquake, disorientation experiencing it and struggling to live after it also pull the reader into the story. The plot combines suspense with some bits of humor. Rescuing the Heiress could be a match for those looking for likable characters, a tale of the San Francisco earthquake and/or Christian Romance.

Want other books like Rescuing the Heiress?

Three Fearful Days : San Francisco Memoirs of the 1906 Earthquake & Fire and other books cover the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.


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