Xom-B by Jeremy Robinson


A mysterious virus erupts and starts turning people into ravaging undead protected youth Freeman’s world is shattered. As he evades undead hordes he learns of loyalty, love and dangerous secrets. The virus is no accident…

The story is action packed with many encounters with the undead. It also provokes thought especially towards the end when the ‘why’ of the virus is revealed. Freeman’s devotion towards life, loyalty to his friends and struggle to understand make him likable. Other supporting characters are likable and/or chilling. Xom-B’s world is a dystopia because Freeman learns of darkness behind the utopic façade he believed in. Xom-B could be a match for those looking for a science fiction thriller, some food for thought and/or interesting characters.

Want other books that also have zombies and some food for thought like Xom-B?

When scientists open a portal to an alternate universe they bring zombies and some issues of morality into our own in Coldbrook by Tim Lebbon.

A mathematician finds out Earth’s future will be bleak when she finds a set of kidnap victims are being pulled forward in time in After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall  by Nancy Kress.

When undead overrun a small town a sheriff tries to find her sister and uncovers a paramilitary-contractor is taking advantage of the chaos in Rise Again by Ben Tripp.


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