Claws of the Cat by Susan Spann

Claws of the Cat

Master Ninja Hiro would prefer not to investigate the murder of a samurai in a teahouse. His employer, Jesuit Priest Mateo, entangles himself in the matter and will die in two days- unless Hiro can find the murderer. With political intrigue on multiple levels and familial differences Hiro finds the matter is unpleasantly vexing…

Spann invokes 16th century Kyoto by showing subtle customs of politeness, beautiful but practical houses, and describing Kyoto. Her characters show the times but are also likeable. Hiro is pragmatic, subtle and honorable. Father Mateo respects local customs- though with some blunt edges- and is compassionate. The other characters also pull the readers into the story with their reasoning and actions. The plot is intricate as Hiro pulls together the chain of events with visits to various witnesses. Claws of the Cat could be a match for those seeking 16th century Kyoto, samurai, likeable characters and an interesting story.

Want other books like Claws of the Cat?

A young government clerk is tasked with discovering why tax convoys have disappeared in a distant province in The Dragon Scroll by I.J. Parker.

Yoriki Sano Ichiro disbelieves the death of an upper class woman and a commoner are suicides and becomes entangled with a plot against the shogunate in Shinju by Laura Joh Rowland.

Books such as Japan: Its History and Culture by William Scott Morton provide information on this period in Japan’s history.



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