The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

The Greatest Knight (William Marshal, #2)

William Marshal is determined to be more than a hearth knight wedged under his resentful older brother’s thumb. As he gains prominence his destiny becomes intertwined with those of the Plantagenets. As he lives through royal turmoil he shows loyalty and skill that will be remembered centuries later…

The Greatest Knight feels like a tale but also feels real. The heroic tale feeling comes from the battles and the riches of court life. The real feeling comes from the financial and other hardships of court life such as when William is destitute after his first battle. Descriptions of food and clothing increase the tale feel and how they are paid for the real feeling tone. The characters are multilayered. William is brave and loyal but also develops pragmatic ambition- the reader sees how the Middle Ages affects him. The royals are shown as charismatic but also injured by the lure of ambition. The Greatest Knight could be a match for those looking for the Middle Ages, a stirring tale of a historical figure and/or multilayered characters.

Want other books like The Greatest Knight?

The last Saxon king of England strives to keep his throne from William the Conqueror in I am the Chosen King by Helen Hollick.

King Richard the Lionheart battles against Saladin in the Holy Land and faces treason from his brother John in Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman.

Chadwick wrote her portrayal of Marshal and his times using books such as William Marshal, Knighthood, War and Chivalry, 1147-1219 by David Crouch.


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