The Silver Cross by B. Kent Anderson

Silver Cross (Nick Journey #2)

1864: Confederate spy Rose Greenhow dies trying to pass information about a ‘silver cross’ which could have made France the Confederacy’s ally. The present: government investigator Meg Tolman learns the cross is tied to a dangerous conspiracy. Can Tolman, aided by history professor Nick Journey, unravel the mystery of the cross and stop a plot that threatens the future of the U.S.?

The plot has an intricately suspenseful feel as the quest for the cross becomes mixed in with a domestic conspiracy, an assassin that plays by their own rules, and potential international repercussions. Adding to the suspense, and character growth, are internal conflicts the characters face. Journey balances caring for his son with the mission, the assassin and villain are blinded by their morals, and Tolman sees how others are affected by conflict. The Silver Cross could be for those looking for a historical thriller, conspiracies, a suspenseful tale taking place in the U.S., and/or character development.

Want other books like The Silver Cross?

U.S. Department of Justice Agent Cotton Malone finds an assassination attempt attempt against the president is one move in a conspiracy dating back to the founding of the U.S. in The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry.

A single father learns a cryptic secret about his father and is drawn into a U.S. Marshal’s quest to end a set of terrorist attacks in The Mesa Conspiracy by David Kent.

Wild Rose: The True Story of a Civil War Spy by Ann Blackman gave Anderson inspiration for his portrayal of Rose Greenhow.




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