Copperhead by Tina Connolly

Copperhead (Ironskin, #2)

Helena Huntingdon is one of London’s One Hundred who almost became fae controlled. The anti-fae Copperhead movement should be her ally, but it holds a darker side that makes her suspicious. Can Helena determine friend from foe and save London from another fae attack?

Helena grows into a heroine by facing internal conflict and making societal tricks count. Copperhead offers a fast paced fantasy with dashes of romance and horror. Helena and the intriguing spy Rook grow closer by being haunted by their pasts. Unease is felt at the One Hundred literally changing faces and the danger of fae control. This all takes place in an England where WWI was a ‘Great War’ against the fae. Copperhead offers a female protagonist who becomes a heroine, historical fantasy, genreblend fantasy, and an England affected by faeries.

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Two magicians face the faerie world, rivalry, and the Napoleonic Wars in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susan Clarke.

Eliza O’Malley searches for her missing sweetheart and finds a faerie world deep within London in With Fate Conspire by Marie Brennan.



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