The Kraken Project by Douglas Preston

The Kraken Project (Wyman Ford, #4)

The AI Dorothy has vowed to destroy humanity after seeing humanity’s worst on the internet. Dorothy’s creator, Melissa Shepherd, and spy Wyman Ford must contain or destroy Dorothy. Complicating their mission is a Wall Street stockbroker who wants Dorothy for himself. Can Dorothy be convinced to change its mind or is humanity doomed?

The story is suspenseful as Ford and Shepherd run into greedy and/or psychopathic humans while trying to contain Dorothy. It is also thought provoking about AIs- are they sentient, the ethics of using them, and their connection to humanity’s future. The internet is portrayed in a visual way as Dorothy interprets data into various dangerous landscapes.  The characters show humanity at its best and worst. The Kraken Project features suspense, provokes thought about the future of technology and humanity, and has interesting characters.

Want other books like The Kraken Project?

A scientist is kidnapped by a group powered by futuristic technology in Influx by David Suarez. ( Click here to read my post on Influx.)

A doctor faces off against a conspiracy as he strives to save his best friend from a deadly, rampaging disease in Resistant by Michael Palmer.

The Kraken Project inspires wonder about the future of computers. Books such as Natural Computing: DNA, Quantum Bits, and the Future of Smart Machines by Dennis E. Shasha and Cathy A. Lazere explore this topic.



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