Legend by Marie Lu

Legend (Legend, #1) Republic prodigy June vows revenge when rebel Day is blamed for her brother’s death. Instead she finds a person she could relate to if he wasn’t against everything she stands for. As Day struggles to save his family and June to avenge hers they find unsettling secrets. What will June do when it seems everything she stands for is a lie? Will Day and her die because of the truth?

June and Day fit the profile of glamorous heroes. They are strong, intelligent, and creative in a harsh world. Children face a trial that determines their futures and natural disasters are a fact of life in the Republic. The Republic’s harshness, secrets, and origin create an intriguing world. June and Day’s quest to discover the truth provides a suspenseful story with some hope in a harsh world. As Day says, “each day means everything is possible again…you try to walk in the light” 304. Legend offers glamorous heroes, an intriguing alternate world, and suspense with some romance.

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A teen finds an elite academy is a really a faction split place holding dangerous secrets in Variant by Robison Wells.


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