The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

The Governess of Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides, #1)

Missionary Julia Foster becomes governess at Highland Hall in order to support her family. Highland’s master, William Ramsay, attracts her with his determination to survive a troubled past and uncertain future. When Highland’s survival seems dependent on the two being separate what will be their fate?

Julia Foster is endearingly outspoken to the Rochester-like Ramsay. Their loyalty to their families could push them apart but also makes the reader root for them. Two other minor romances also draw the reader into the story. The strict social and class restrictions are shown well. Details of 1911 like dress, the beginning prominence of cars, and the ‘death tax’ show the time period. Highland Hall is a vivid world which could represent an Edwardian English aristocratic household. The Governess of Highland Hall could be for those looking for Christian or sweet romance, the enclosed world of an English estate, and/or Edwardian England.

Want other books like The Governess of Highland Hall?

Life in Ashton Park will never be the same as WWI begins and the children of English lord Sir William search for love in Ashton Park by Murray Pura.

An heiress disguises herself as a servant at Fairbourne Hall and learns about that life while falling in love with  the hall’s master in The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen. (Click here to read a post I wrote about the book.)

Books such as Life Below Stairs: True Lives of Edwardian Servants by Alison Maloney provide information about life during this time period.


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