Starfire by Dale Brown


Space is the final frontier…and frontiers always end up controlled. With tension broiling between U.S. and Russia both countries want control. Will politics and a ‘starfire’ power platform that could be more than it seems cause catastrophe?

This book builds suspense through domestic politics, questionable personal motives, and international politics. As a spaceplane pilot states “there was a process called the accident chain…a series of minor and seemingly unrelated incidents that combine to cause an accident- or in this case, an encounter with a Russian antisatellite weapon” (p.341). Brown’s in depth discussion of weapons and technology help make the story feel believable. The motivations of the various characters, such as President Phoenix’s desire to succeed in an election year, add to the suspense and believability. Starfire offers political suspense involving space, a look at space technology, and a near future thriller.

Want other books like Starfire?

A former astronaut must save Kennedy Space Center from terrorists in Ignition by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason.

A passenger trip into orbit goes horribly wrong and a passenger must save himself in Orbit by John J. Nance.

Starfire explores how space could be exploited for military gain. Items like Military Space Power: A Guide to the Issues by James Fergusson explore how space militarization has and could take place.


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