Odysseus: The Oath by Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Odysseus: The Oath

Odysseus has lived on for centuries in the Iliad and the Odyssey. What of his life before the legends? How did he feel living through the siege on Troy? What tales does Odysseus have to tell?

Odysseus has multiple layers. He cares for peace but embraces war, shows compassion and cruelty, is humbly wise but also prideful. Manfredi, and translator Christine Feddersen-Manfredi, use a compelling style that is descriptive of human emotion, timeless horror of battle, and wonders of the past. Details such as weaponry and customs also make the tale feel real. The descriptive style makes it easy to imagine hearing the story from a storyteller. Odysseus: The Oath offers a look into the time ancient Greek myth, Odysseus, a dramatic tale of battle, and a tale about humanity.

Want other books like Odysseus: The Oath?

Prince Odysseus hones his crafty mind as he struggles to save his family’s throne in King of Ithaca by Glynn Iliffe.

An Ithacan bard and friend of Odysseus tells of the Trojan War in The War at Troy by Lindsey Clarke.

Return to  the Trojan War by taking a look at Homer’s The Iliad. Opinions on which translation are best vary but Robert Fagles is one of the recommended translations.


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