Rasputin’s Shadow by Raymond Khoury

Rasputin's Shadow (Templar, #4)

The secret of Grigory Rasputin’s rise to power disappears with his death. Now: FBI agent Sean Reilly investigates the disappearance of a Russian immigrant. When Sean finds the secret behind Rasputin’s power can he prevent it from devastating the present?

Rasputin’s Shadow is a fast paced subgenre blend thriller that blends espionage, crime, history, and technology thriller elements. It also mixes violent action scenes with thought provoking elements. Frightening technology advances mixes with curiosity over Rasputin’s secrets. The espionage element of multiple groups with different agendas also comes into play. Sean Reilly’s character is an interesting blend of intuition and rationality. Rasputin’s Shadow offers a subgenre blend thriller, action mixed with thought provoking elements, a look at Rasputin, and interesting characters.

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A lawyer tasked with checking the background of Romanov claimant finds events of the present are linked to a mysterious prophecy by Rasputin in The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry.

Want to learn more about Rasputin? Books such as Rasputin: The Untold Story by Joseph Fuhrmann look into the life of this mysterious figure.


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