Murder in the Rue Dumas, M.L. Longworth

Murder in the Rue Dumas (A Verlaque and Bonnet Mystery, #2)

When the Director of Theology at the Universite d’Aix is murdered the motive is unclear. What does the murder have to do with a fake of a valuable vase and his secretary’s death? Can Judge Antoine Verlaque and his girlfriend Professor Marine Bonnet find the truth?

This leisurely paced mystery immerses the reader in the food and feel of Provence. Verlaque is intelligent and able to read people, but also struggles to grow in his relationship with Bonnet. All of the suspects have imperfections that make them suspect without making them hated. The characters handle normal aspects of life -such as food and family- along with the mystery. This enhances a connection to the characters and Provence. The mystery has a dash of police procedural, but is mostly a cozy mystery. The tone is gentle with hints of compassion for the characters and humor in the plot. Murder in the Rue Dumas offers cozy mystery, procedural mystery, a story set in France, and interesting characters.

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