A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway

A Study in Silks (The Baskerville Affair, #1)

Evelina Cooper has her uncle Sherlock’s intelligence and curiosity. She is also set to begin her season in a Victorian England ruled by dangerous steam barons. When a friend’s servant is murdered Emma is determined to seek the truth. How will two handsome men, magic, and dangerous secrets affect her future?

The propriety of Victorian society combines with the cutthroat maneuvers of the steam barons to create an interesting alternate England. The story has romance and horror mixed in. Evelina is courageous, intelligent, and grows as she’s faced with murky realities. The two men who wish to be involved with her cause support and suspense over their choices. Sherlock Holmes is smart, stubborn, and subtly compassionate in his supporting role. Evelina and other characters’ perspectives build suspense as they struggle to attain their goals. A Study in Silks offers Steampunk, some Sherlock Holmes, magic in an alternate England, suspense, and a strong female heroine.

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