The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak

The Winter Palace: A Novel of Catherine the Great (Catherine, #1)

Varvara reports about the Russian court to Empress Elizabeth. Ordered to spy on teenager Princess Sophie she finds Sophie, like Varvara, is a foreigner at the mercy of the powerful. They will endure cruelty and risk everything. Varvara will see Sophie become the woman remembered as Catherine the Great…

Varvara is loyal, ambitious, and ultimately forced to decide which quality is most important.

She watches Sophie transform from brokenhearted into capable of causing heartbreak. The Russian court is luxurious and dangerous. Varvara’s spying shows the rarity of secrets and true loyalty. Catherine’s rise is suspenseful as each challenge could break her and cause permanent exile. The Winter Palace offers an outsider’s look at court life, Catherine the Great, and historical fiction set in 18th century Russia.

Want more books like The Winter Palace?

Another fictional look at Catherine the Great’s rise to power is Imperial Highness by Evelyn Anthony. (The book can also be found under the title Rebel Princess.)

Xenia transforms from noblewoman in Empress Elizabeth’s court to saint in The Mirrored World by Debra Dean.

Stachniak used many sources in researching The Winter Palace. One of them was Catherine the Great: Love, Sex, and Power by Virginia Rounding.


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