Driving the King by Ravi Howard

Driving the King: A NovelNat Weary saved Nat King Cole’s life during a Montgomery show and paid for it with ten years in prison. He becomes Cole’s driver and they find Hollywood doesn’t remove the memory of that ended show. There’s no other choice but to return to Montgomery and try again. Can they succeed?

Nat Weary’s friendship with Cole gives a behind the scenes portrayal of the famous singer. Cole bravely faces the challenges of stardom and racism. Cole and Weary both have pride, loyalty, and ‘deal with it’ calm. They need those traits in two cities, Hollywood and Montgomery, linked together by having racism in common. Weary’s point of view shows the courage of the boycott. Some chapters skipping in time show how events and the cities are interconnected. Driving the King is a portrayal of African Americans in show business and a look at African American life 1940s-1950s.

Want other books like Driving the King?

An African American comedian tries to make it to stardom and onto the Ed Sullivan show in A Conversation with the Mann by John Ridley.

Brewster McAtee wants to focus on his carpentry business in the Montgomery area but racism denies him peace in Seven Laurels by Linda Busby Parker.

Learn about Nat King Cole by checking out biographies such as Nat King Cole by Daniel Mark Epstein.


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