Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill

Someone Knows My NameAminata Diallo takes the British offer of freedom in exchange for service during the U.S. Revolutionary War. As a scribe of the Book of Negroes, which lists who gains freedom, she sees harsh politics at work. What will she find in Nova Scotia, Sierra Leone, and London after the war?
Aminata gets a unique perspective interacting with a variety of people. Among them are a wise slave named Georgia, abolitionist Sir Stanley Hastings, and rebel tavern keeper Sam Fraunces. Aminata ponders how slavery is justified by ignorance of Africa and slavery’s brutalities. She witnesses exploitation of freedom and the beginning efforts of London abolitionists. Someone Knows My Name offers a personal look at African American life during the 18th century and at African American loyalists.
Want more books like Someone Knows My Name?
Roots, by Alex Haley, gives a portrayal of African American life in the 18th century and beyond.
Cese Mwakale fights for the British and against former master George Washington in Washington and Caesar by Christian Cameron.
Hill consulted books such as The Black Loyalists: The Search for a Promised Land in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone, 1783-1870 by James W. St. G. Walker.
Note: Someone Knows My Name has been made into a BET miniseries The Book of Negroes.


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February 28, 2015 · 8:00 am

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