Island Girls by Nancy Thayer

Island GirlsThe three Randall sisters must survive three months of each other’s company to inherit their father’s beach house. Ambitious Arden, peacemaker Meg, and sheltered Jenny don’t think they’ll make it. Romances, job opportunities, and family secrets make a lively summer. Can sisterhood help them to embrace new beginnings?

Island Girls is a story of sisterhood and change that has a heartwarming tone. The sisters’ unique personalities struggle to pull together rather than apart. The challenges they face offer the opportunity to follow their dreams. Nantucket is beautiful, charming, and “a place of rest and the notion of infinite beginnings” (pg. 142). Island Girls offers sisterhood, change, and an interesting locale.

Want more books like Island Girls?

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Four sisters will rekindle sisterhood or go crazy when they must live together to inherit from their grandmother in Ladies of the Lake by Haywood Smith.

Three sisters face past wounds at their grandmother’s beach house in Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe.


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