Boneshaker by Cherie Priest


Inventor Leviticus Blue’s visionary mining device turned Seattle into a zombie land in 1863. Years later, his widow Briar and teenage son Zeke are still hated for the mess Blue left behind. When Zeke journeys into Seattle’s ruins for answers Briar sets out to rescue him. Can they survive zombies and outlaws in their quest to put the past to rest?

Boneshaker is steampunk infused with horror, western, and alternate history. Seattle is a menacing underground full of ‘rotters’ and poisonous ‘blight’. The outlaws follow a code, or are utterly ruthless, and pack tough weaponry. There is also a dash of alternate history since the Civil War still rages and Seattle is quarantined. The characters give the story a fun and adventurous tone. Briar is tough, the outlaws are dangerous but some are trustworthy, and a mad scientist tries to rule. Boneshaker is a fun steampunk genreblend.

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