Persona by Genevieve Valentine

In the near future countries conduct politics through their ‘Faces’. Faces are beautiful, compliant, and deceitful. Amazonian Face Suyana Supaki is rare for not being beautiful or compliant. When someone attempts to kill her will her skill at deceit be enough to save her? Faces are a politician/celebrity combination which brings out the underbelly of the public image aspect of politics. Suyana’s ties to the Amazon also bring environmental politics into the story. Her mistrust of her dangerous world brings her close to, and far from, jaded idealistic journalist Daniel Park. The result is a political thriller with conflicted protagonists. Persona is a thriller which offers a near future look at politics of the future. Want other books like Persona?

An algorithm which takes social media group sorting to the next level causes chaos in The Affinities by Robert Charles Wilson.

A woman searches for the secrets of a UN directive which controls the world after her mother is abducted in Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck.

In a near future U.S. southwest water politics get cutthroat in The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi.


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